Secret Config

Securely store and share secrets and configuration settings centrally.

Examples of some of the many values that can be securely managed by Secret Config:


Supports storing configuration information in:

Since all values are stored as strings in the central directory or config file, the following type conversions are supported:

Supported conversions:


Benefits of moving sensitive configuration information into AWS System Manager Parameter Store:


When Secret Config starts up it reads all configuration entries into memory for all keys under the configured path. This means that once Secret Config has initialized all calls to Secret Config are extremely fast.

The in-memory copy of the registry can be refreshed at any time by calling SecretConfig.refresh!. It can be refreshed via a process signal, or by calling it through an event, or via a messaging system.

It is suggested that any programmatic lookup to values stored in Secret Config are called every time a value is being used, rather than creating a local copy of the value. This ensures that a refresh of the registry will take effect immediately for any code reading from Secret Config.


AWS SSM Parameter Store is a very cost effective and often completely free solution with the following limitations:

Next Steps

Checkout the Secret Config API.